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deYoung & Fair Trade

On Friday the 3rd of August, I took myself and my 2 year old over to the 2nd Annual Fair Trade Bazaar hosted by the de Young Museum in San Francisco’s Golden Gate park.

It was a typically overcast and chilly August day in the park. Here’s an ominous shot from a far:

Inside the Piazzoni Murals Room it was a pretty packed space with people looking and buying.

I browsed each booth and then saw Dsenyo’s offerings. I’ve been eyeing their products for a long time, and picked up some gorgeous coasters for $28.00

At the Mayan Hands booth, my daughter immediately found the cutest little felt doggie critter and fell in love. It was the sweetest sight to see her walking around clutching it to her chest. (Here she is posing with an outdoor sculpture)

Right before we left, I spotted the Wakami booth and noticed their large selection of handwoven bracelets and necklaces I couldn’t resist!

Some more photos from the day:
(can you tell I love architectural photos?)

Congratulations to the de Young Museum and the vendors of the Fair Trade Bazaar for a second year of success!